The basic working principle of Horizontal packing machine

Jul 17, 2019

     When the Horizontal packing machine starts to run automatically, the weighing control system will open the feeding door. The feeding device will feed in two stages. When the material weight reaches the material setting value, it will stop. Feed, while keeping the feed slowly, and when the material weight is finally set, the feed gate is closed, which is the dynamic weighing process.
                                                     Horizontal packing machine
At this time, the system will detect whether the bag device is in a predetermined state. When the bag is clamped, the system will send a control signal to open the bucket discharge door, and the material will enter the bag. After the material is finished, The discharge door of the weighing hopper is automatically closed. After unloading the material and releasing the bag holder, the bag will automatically fall. After the bag is dropped, the sewing bag will be delivered to the next station. This cycle runs automatically.