About the selection principle of food vacuum packing machine.

Mar 16, 2021

At present, most products in the manufacturing industry can be packaged using food vacuum packing machines. However, when packaging products, it will also appear different types for you to choose from. Food vacuum packing machines are professionally used to package a variety of food products, and there are many types of them. The following is a brief introduction to the standards of food vacuum packing machines.

1. The packaging rate of the food vacuum packing machine. Out of the consideration of improving productivity, double-chamber or multi-chamber food vacuum packing machines can be used to improve the progress of all production and manufacturing.

2. Does the packaged object have to be filled with other maintenance gas? A smart food vacuum packing machine with pumping equipment can be selected.

vacuum packing machine

3. Regulations on the vacuum value of the objects to be packaged. If the packaged objects can only be stored intact and undamaged under a higher vacuum value, you need to choose a cavity-type food vacuum packing machine.

4. The requirements of the ingredients of the packaged objects for food vacuum packing machines.

At the time of purchase, when packing dry and non-corrosive raw materials such as solid and particulate matter, aluminum alloy profile materials can be used; when the packaging contains raw materials with juice, salt content, and acid content, metal or titanium can be used Magnesium aluminum alloy material. The sealing ring is generally made of silica gel and black vulcanized rubber. A very small number of low-end products use foam rubber. Silicone has heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good airtightness, long service life, poor airtightness, easy to fall off, and short application cycle.

The above is about the adoption standards of food vacuum packing machines, and also introduces the selection of commodity materials for food vacuum packing machines when packaging acid-base and partial-alkaline raw materials, as well as the selection and application characteristics of sealing ring materials. I firmly believe that it can help You choose more suitable food vacuum packing machine products and sealing ring parts.