Advantages and working principle of vegetable packaging machine

Oct 15, 2020

In today's life, because people generally pursue a healthy, safe and hygienic life, the requirements for vegetables and other agricultural products are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the vegetable packaging machine was also born under the background of this era. Choosing a good packaging machine can improve its production efficiency, and the packaging will be more beautiful, and it can also promote the company and brand effect, making businesses in the fierce market competition Stand out from the crowd, what are the advantages and working principle of the vegetable packaging machine?

First. The working principle of vegetable packaging machine

Vegetable packaging machine is a kind of packaging product, a machine for maintenance and aesthetics. Mainly divided into two aspects: 1. Assembly line production and packaging. 2. Peripheral packaging equipment.

The working principle of the vegetable packaging machine is very simple. First install the packaging materials on the packaging machine, and after the installation is complete, start the machine. Then the wrapping paper is pulled down by the bag-drawing motor, and the paper feeding part feeds the paper according to the signal of the paper feed sensor, and the wrapping paper is partially formed by the forming machine. Then heat and seal the sealed bottom of the packaging paper bag, and then cut it. The packaging material enters the machine, then seals, cuts the tail, and comes out after wrapping. This is the working principle of the vegetable packaging machine.

Second. Advantages of vegetable packaging machine

1. The length of the multi-leaf inconsistent packaging machine can automatically measure the length of vegetables, such as the length of a single package at the end of the packaging bag.

2. The packaging machine system can complete the packaging of a variety of different vegetables, and the conditioning method is very simple.

3. The data can be automatically saved, and continuous production can be carried out conveniently.

4. Good packaging and strong stability.

5. Reduce the damage caused by packaging bags to vegetables and improve efficiency.