Causes and solutions of vertical vacuum packaging machine failure

Aug 24, 2020

        Vertical vacuum packaging machine is a kind of packaging equipment that is often used nowadays. Its emergence solves the cost of many enterprises, thereby extending the shelf life of products. However, it is inevitable that any machine will have some failures in the process of use, so today we will first talk about some small problems that may occur in the working process of the vertical vacuum packaging machine.

        1. The problem of low vacuum may be caused by pollution, too little or too thin pump oil, so we need to clean the vacuum pump and replace with new vacuum pump oil; too short pumping time may also cause low vacuum, then we extend The exhaust time is sufficient; if the exhaust filter is clogged, the exhaust filter can be cleaned or replaced.

      2. The noise is loud. During work, the vacuum pump coupling is worn or broken, which may cause a lot of noise. At this time, we only need to replace it; the exhaust filter is blocked or the installation position is incorrect. The equipment is noisy, we only need to clean or replace the exhaust filter and install it correctly.
Vertical vacuum packaging machine
      3. The vacuum pump sprays oil, because the O-ring of the suction valve falls off, which causes the vacuum pump to spray oil. We only need to unplug the vacuum tube on the pump nozzle, then remove the suction nozzle, take out the compression spring and suction valve, and gently pull Extend the O-ring several times, reinsert it into the groove, and then install it; the wear of the rotary vane will also cause oil injection, we only need to replace the rotary vane.