Fully automatic vertical vacuum packaging machine

Aug 15, 2020

         There are many varieties of fully automatic vertical vacuum packaging machines, but there is still no international classification method for determining vertical vacuum packaging machines. Generally speaking, packaging methods can be divided into mechanical extrusion, intubation, and chamber. There are single room, double room, and multi room. Single room and double room have two types of desktop and floor.

       The double chamber is also different between single-lid double-chamber and double-lid double-chamber; according to the way the packaged items enter the chamber: there are single-chamber, double-chamber alternate type, conveyor belt type, rotary vacuum chamber type and thermoforming type. If it is classified according to the movement mode: there are intermittent and continuous; if it is divided by the sealing method: there are intestinal top ligation and heat sealing; according to the type of packaged goods, there are frozen meat, vegetables, textiles, Fully automatic vertical vacuum packaging machine for sausages, etc.
vertical vacuum packaging machine
   inflatable packaging machines can also be generally divided into vacuum inflatable type, fast inflatable type and open-close inflatable type. The classification of the vacuum inflatable type is roughly the same as the classification of the above-mentioned vertical vacuum packaging machine. There are two types of fast inflatable pillows: horizontal pillow type and vertical pillow type. The open-close inflatable type uses repeated air extraction and inflation to improve the purity of the gas in the packaging container, so it is sometimes called the breathing type.