How does a vertical packaging machine work?

Feb 06, 2020

Generally speaking, automatic vertical packaging machine is suitable for packaging puffed food, such as shrimp sticks, peanuts and popcorn, which are non-sticky or slightly sticky powdery packaging. Full-automatic vertical packaging machines are generally suitable for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. And cosmetics and other industries packaging requirements.
vertical packaging machine
The characteristics of the fully automatic Vertical packaging machine are generally the use of a new generation of imported microcomputer control systems, an automated operating system with human-machine interface, digital control, fool-proof operation, and computerized production. The packing status is displayed on the LCD screen, and the production packing situation can be grasped at any time.
Generally, a high-quality temperature control system and intelligent digital are used to perform automatic constant temperature, so as to cooperate with imported heat detection lines, to ensure temperature errors and save power, which also ensures the aesthetics and sealing of the finished product.

Imported balls are used for high-precision bearing operation, which can cooperate with high-frequency processing of hard chrome strips to ensure the stability of the machine, with low noise and very reasonable mechanical structure, high coordination accuracy, uniform movement, and thus higher packaging speed , Packaging effect is better. The packaging film is not wasted, and the packaging efficiency is improved.