How does the mask production line work?

Jul 22, 2020

      Masks have become a hot-selling product this year, followed by the automatic mask packaging machine has also become a mechanical product in high demand. The automatic mask packaging machine can improve the efficiency of mask production, which can save corporate packaging costs, but you know mask packaging Does the machine work?

      In fact, automatic mask packaging machines generally use a servo system to adjust the operation of the motor, and then use the V-belt to drive the toothed chain continuously variable transmission to rotate the gearbox, and then adjust the speed through the variable speed chain, and finally get different operating speeds. The timing belt is transmitted to the planetary differential mechanism, and finally the paper film conveying length can be adjusted.

       The output shaft of the gearbox drives the paper film pressure roller to rotate and convey the paper film through the chain drive. The output length of the paper film can generally be adjusted in the gear chain. Manual operation is implemented on the speed controller. And in the packaging process by the photoelectric tracking color code to monitor. At the same time, the gearbox is also driven by multiple sets of chains, which can realize the packaging of objects. Movement of conveyor belt, paper pulling wheel, pressing wheel, horizontal sealing knife and finished product conveyor belt.
mask production line
       Mask production line is generally the positioning sealing and cutting used in packaging. In packaging production, because the positioning color mark printed on the packaging material has errors, the stretching of the packaging material and the influence of mechanical transmission are predetermined on the packaging material. The sealing and cutting part may deviate from the correct position, then errors will occur.

       Therefore, in order to eliminate errors and achieve the purpose of correct sealing and cutting, the packaging design must consider the automatic positioning problem. To solve this problem, the continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system design is completed according to the positioning mark of the packaging material. The continuous photoelectric positioning system is divided into forward and retreat type, braking type and two-transmission system synchronization type according to the error compensation working mode.

   The Mask production line can be multi-purpose in one machine. It can not only pack disposable flat masks, such as N95 masks, KF94 masks, single-piece multi-pieces can be packaged, and it is a good helper for companies to produce packaging