How does the vertical automatic granule packing machine solve the problem of non-clamping?

Apr 01, 2020

Now the granule packing machine has been widely used in various industries, and it plays a very important role. The automatic granule packing machine can automatically complete the measurement in the packaging process, whether it is bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting And hot press batch numbers and so on are all competent.

Vertical fully automatic granule packing machine design can generally adopt unique embedded sealing, of course, there are enhanced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature controller temperature control, so generally have good thermal balance so you can adapt to packaging materials, performance number 、 Low noise, clear sealing pattern and strong sealing. According to user's needs, during the operation, you can change the cutter to realize the slicing, pattern cutting and other slicing, so that the cutter can be stable when cutting Reliable without jamming.
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Many users now report how the fully automatic granule packing machine does not pinch bags during the packaging production process. The occurrence of this problem has greatly affected the production efficiency and packaging effect of the automatic granule packing machine, and the reason What is the reason for this?

The non-clamping and non-closing of equipment are generally caused by some problems with the clamp switch, the release switch and the solenoid valve or air cylinder that controls the clamp. This needs to be checked. If the coarse feed gate cannot be opened or closed, then there is usually a problem with the solenoid valve and the cylinder that control it.

If the fine-feed gate cannot be opened or closed, then there is usually a problem with the solenoid valve and the cylinder controlling it. After the material is weighed, if you cannot automatically open the material door and loose the bag, and press the manual discharge button, then you need to control the solenoid valve and cylinder of the material door to see if there is a problem .