How does the vertical packaging machine work?

Oct 25, 2020

Vertical packaging machine is a barrel that puts the barrel of flexible packaging material into the bag. When the material is filled, it is then sealed, and finally the machine automatically completes the three functions continuously. So do you know how it works?
First control the cutting of raw materials, and then weigh. When the required weight is reached, the system will automatically control it to stop, and then continue to the next step. When the material enters the packaging bag, the computer-controlled sealing device of the packaging bag will seal it, and then the cutting device will cut the packaging bag open to achieve the purpose of a set of downward packaging. Moreover, the packaging system is not fixed, and customers can adjust them completely according to their needs to achieve their goals. Due to the increasing demand for food, medicine, daily necessities and products in other industries in life, manufacturers cannot meet market demand by adopting traditional manual packaging. Therefore, they need to improve production efficiency through production automation and equipment. So this is a high-quality, high-performance automatic packaging machine.

The working principle of the vertical packaging machine is that it is placed on the support device of the tympanic membrane, through the guide rod group winding, tensioning device, the position of the packaging material is detected by the photoelectric detection control device, and the packaging material is rolled into a film tube by the lapel forming machine , Wrapped on the surface of the filling tube. The vertical packaging machine is not only fast in packaging, but also can automatically seal and cut automatically while packaging. It can be used not only for packaging materials without trademarks, but also for high-speed packaging of materials with printed trademarks.
Since each packaging machine has its own system, the machine will strictly follow this procedure during work. In order to eliminate the error, the design of the packaging machine needs to consider the problem of automatic positioning, and the continuous photoelectric positioning system is divided into two transmission systems: forward and backward, braking and synchronization according to error compensation.