How to choose the width of the seal for the vertical vacuum packaging machine

Jul 16, 2020

       Generally speaking, for the packaging effect of the vertical vacuum packaging machine, the vacuum degree, the sealing width, the heating strip material and many other aspects will have certain requirements. This is inevitable, which can help us have a better choice. So, how does the packaging machine equipment choose the sealing width?

  In industrial enterprises, those products that require packaging are particularly large and heavy. Most of the packaging bag indicators will choose to use composite film to make, so the width of the seal is required to be wider than that of ordinary food bags.
vertical vacuum packaging machine
   The sealing principle of a vertical vacuum packaging machine generally requires instantaneous heating current to heat the heating strip, and then puts imported insulation cloth on it to separate but can heat and bond the packaging bag. If the heating strip is too wide, the entire heating strip will be unevenly heated, which will result in failure to seal properly. The ideal heating strip is the narrower, the better the instant heating effect, and the better the sealing effect. If you are worried that the air will leak if you seal it once, you can choose to seal it several times.

        Remember that when selecting heating tapes of different types of materials, the sealing width is different, so when we choose the heating tapes for the accessories of the packaging machine, we need to refer to our own width requirements to choose, so that the equipment can work better. effectiveness.