How to maintain vertical vacuum packaging machines

Oct 26, 2019

     With the development of the economy, the market for vertical vacuum packaging machines is now expanding and expanding. Vacuum packaging machines continue to introduce new technologies and join the production line, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher.
                                vertical vacuum packaging machines
Vacuum packaging machines use a large number of inflatable packaging to replace the previous vacuum packaging, combining the three aspects of the inflatable packaging machine, packaging materials and inflatable components, and in the control technology, more choices of microelectronics and computer technology.

    Therefore, no matter what equipment is used, relevant maintenance and maintenance are required during use to extend its service life. Vacuum packaging machines are no exception. For vacuum pump oil, it must be kept clear and bright every time it is used. It should not appear turbid or foaming. When the oil is statically precipitated, there will be no milky white matter. If it is, it means that foreign matter enters. Replace with new oil.

The oil level and oil color must be checked once a week. If the oil level is lower than the minimum mark, it means that it needs to be refueled. If the oil level exceeds the maximum mark, some oil needs to be drained, if it is diluted due to too much condensate. For vacuum pump oil, all vacuum pump oil needs to be replaced, and the gas ballast valve can be replaced if necessary.

The exhaust filter needs to be replaced every year. Generally, it can be cleaned with compressed air. The dirt or dust in the vacuum pump needs to be cleaned every six months. The fan wheel, cooling fins, ventilation grille and fan hood need to be cleaned. Compressed air cleaning is recommended.
      The vacuum pump oil should also be replaced in time, and the exhaust filter and the intake filter must be inspected once a month.