Introduction of Automatic cartoning machine

Sep 05, 2019

Introduction of Automatic cartoning machine
When it comes to Automatic cartoning machine, everyone only knows the I-shaped sealing machine. In fact, other de-sealing and sealing machines are similar. The application in the enterprise is very extensive. As operators, they are very familiar with these devices, so as to avoid them. Some operational mistakes, let's take a look at what is widely used in automatic sealing machines.

The automatic I-shaped sealing machine is actually the sealing device of the automatic packaging machine. When working, it lengthens the belt of the sealing machine, and then uses the driving belt of the sealing machine to transport the articles to the table of the baler. The whole operation is controlled by a PLC, which is very convenient and efficient. It is an automatic machine that integrates sealing and packaging.

The automatic I-shaped sealing machine is the automatic packing of the upper and lower fonts, so it can be completed at one time. Because the belts on both sides are lengthened, it can be combined with the automatic strapping machine to complete the sealing and packing operation. It is done in one go. For the number of bales, the spacing is controlled by the micro switch on the sealing machine. The auxiliary type guides are provided on both sides of the box-type sealing machine, so the cover on the carton can be tightly closed. The sealing is flat and beautiful.

Another advantage of the automatic I-shaped sealing machine is that it can be widened and heightened within the appropriate range, so that the width and height of the sealing can be manually adjusted, so that it can be adapted to different specifications. Carton.

The automatic I-shaped sealing machine has a very long service life, so it is suitable for a single-size carton at the same time. The machine's mechanical performance is very precise, and it is also very sturdy and smooth, so it is very smooth to use.

The use of this kind of sealing machine can solve the overall operation requirements of customer seal packing, and can also save a lot of production cost for customers. In general, this is an economical and practical automatic packaging equipment.