Introduction of the characteristics of the horizontal packing machine

Aug 21, 2019

   The Horizontal packing machine is a very useful packaging machine. What are the advantages of this machine? Answer it for everyone today.
                                               Horizontal packing machine
    Because the horizontal packaging machine uses the double inverter to control the length of the bag, it can be set and cut, so there is no need to adjust the air walking operation in the middle, and it can be directly in one step, saving time and film. Moreover, the operation interface is a man-machine interface, and the parameter setting is convenient and quick. If there is a fault, don't worry, the machine has a fault self-diagnosis function. Through the self-test, the fault display is clear at a glance.

    When sealing and cutting, the machine will track with high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark, and then digitally input the position of the sealing and cutting, so that the sealing and cutting position can be more accurate. When packaging, because of the temperature independent PID control, the horizontal packaging machine is suitable for many different packaging materials.
       After the positioning is stopped, due to the function of positioning and stopping, the knife is not stuck and the envelope is not laid. Maintenance after use, because the drive system is simple, it is more conducive to maintenance. The control of the machine is realized by software, and the function adjustment and technical upgrade can be performed anytime and anywhere.