Introduction to the working principle of vegetable packing machine

Jul 26, 2019

Because each type of packaging machine is different, so the principle of work is different, then take the Vegetable packing machine. The working principle is that the packaging material is first installed on the packaging machine, and then turned on, and then the wrapping paper starts to be pulled down by the pull bag motor, so that the paper feeding portion is fed according to the signal of the paper feeding sensor. After the wrapping paper passes through the former, part of the molding begins, and finally the sealing portion is heated to seal the bottom of the packaging bag. Then it is the blanking, the material first enters the packaging machine, then seals, and finally cuts off, so that the complete packaging bag comes out.
                                                     vegetable packing machine
There are many vegetable packaging machines on the market, and the functions of each packaging machine are not the same. As for how to choose the right packaging machine, mainly depends on what vegetables are packaged, how to pack them, according to the weight package or according to the tree package, or According to the box, the packaging machine is best to find a regular professional packaging machine company to buy, more quality assurance.