Related mechanical characteristics of egetable vacuum packing machine

Mar 31, 2020

Vegetable vacuum packing machine is a special type of automatic shrink film packaging machine, which can be used for automatic shrink packaging of vegetables, garlic seedlings, fruits, tomatoes and cucumbers.

The characteristics of this packaging machine are that it can be packaged individually or in any group, especially a fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine designed for assembly line operations and large-volume packaging. According to the specific situation, an automatic feeding system can be selected to realize unmanned operation of the feeding, and various forms of conveyors can be used to ensure that the materials will not move and roll.

The vegetable vacuum packing machine also has a cut-proof safety clutch device that can not damage the packaging, so the overall efficiency is relatively high. Therefore, after packaging, the product seal can be linear, and the steel texture is clear and beautiful. The length, speed, temperature and bag length of the vegetable packaging machine can be individually adjusted, which is very convenient and accurate.
Vegetable vacuum packing machine
In today's daily life, many consumers are pursuing a healthy, safe and hygienic lifestyle. The requirements for agricultural products such as vegetables are constantly increasing, and vegetable packaging machines have emerged in this environment. Choosing a good packaging machine can not only improve production efficiency, but also improve the aesthetics of the packaging. Therefore, printing film and thermal transfer technology can add company logo and QR code, which will help increase brand exposure and expand brand promotion. effect.