Safety measures for vacuum packing machines.

Mar 26, 2021

vacuum packing machines are widely used in manufacturing enterprises, and the awareness of safety precautions for vacuum packing machines needs to be improved. The following briefly introduces the application safety precautions of the vacuum packing machine.

1. Keep the natural environment of the vacuum packing machine clean and tidy, and the natural environment is not suitable for being too wet and cold.

2. Never apply vacuum packing machines in extreme natural environments such as flammability, flammability and explosion.

3. When repairing the vacuum packing machine equipment, unplug the power cord to prevent electric shock.

4. The three-phase four-wire system equipment should be equipped with the same type of power socket that conforms to the equipment's switching power supply, and should comply with the three groups of four-wire switching power supply regulations. Single-phase electric equipment should be equipped with a three-pole power plug, and ensure that the equipment is reliable grounding device.

5. The vacuum packing machine should maintain the cleaning of part of the vacuum pump, and carry out scrubbing inside the equipment on time. For the car oil of the vacuum pump, only add two-thirds of the vacuum pump oil mark, and apply and maintain it strictly according to the vacuum pump manual. .