Vertical packaging machine is often used for powder particles in packaging equipment

Apr 26, 2020

             In general, the selection of packaging equipment is the key to ensuring the high quality of products. So how do you choose high-quality, high-capacity and versatile flexible packaging equipment? This is one of the focuses that the pharmaceutical industry needs to pay attention to.

             For now, the packaging machines used by many powder granule manufacturers are vertical packaging machines. This kind of equipment is generally in the form of vertical blanking. The distance between the blanking port and the bottom of the packaging bag is large, so it can be packed in At the same time, the bag is made. During the blanking process, the material will slide into the bag using the packaging material as a "slide". If the powder is lifted, this will contaminate the seal, which will cause the seal to not be sealed and the quality of the product. affected.
vertical packaging machine
                 Vertical packaging machine manufacturers recommend reasonable choice of packaging machine, do not use vertical blanking form, you can use horizontal automatic packaging equipment, filling the bag first and then filling method, so that the opening can be directly into the packaging bag Put material at the bottom to prevent dust from rising. In addition, if the powder particles are very fine and easy to lift, the user can also install a suction device at the upper seal to suck up a little powder adsorbed by the bag mouth to ensure the quality of the product and environmental cleanliness requirements.

                 According to reports, the horizontal automatic packaging machine can effectively improve the quality of the packaging machine in terms of material filling and bag appearance. In addition, the horizontal automatic packaging machine generally adopts five horizontal seals to strengthen the seal. This design can completely solve the phenomenon of counterattack, which can largely ensure the seal of the seal, thereby effectively extending the product shelf life.