What are the characteristics of the automatic vertical vacuum packaging machine?

May 14, 2020

 Fully automatic vertical vacuum packaging machine belongs to the category of equipment accessories. Generally, it is a new type of fully automatic zipper vertical vacuum packaging machine that can be developed according to horizontal automatic packaging machine. Different configurations make it possible to achieve vertical vacuum packaging machine for liquid, powder, block and other products. So, what are its characteristics?

Generally speaking, the automatic vertical packaging machine mainly adopts the main machine frequency conversion speed control system, which can adjust the speed at will. It can also be used normally in the case of large load changes. The servo blanking system can directly control the screw rotation speed. Simple adjustment and high stability.
vertical vacuum packaging machine
Therefore, the PLC positioning module can be generally used, so in order to achieve accurate positioning, it is necessary to ensure that the bag type error is small; the use of the PLC integrated control system has strong control capabilities and high integration, and the use of touch screen technology makes the operation convenient and reliable; automatic bag making, Fully automated production equipment for packaging processes such as metering, filling and sealing.