Automatic cotton swab packing machine

Combined  parts

1.SL series main frame     2.10/14 heads weigher

3.Z type bucket elevator    4.Vibration feeder     5.Finished product conveyor

 Automatic cotton swab packing machine

Main performance and structure features:

Automatic cotton swab making packing machine adopts PLC program control, with the closed-cycle hot air drying technology, drying during operation, and the vacuum device inhale the bottom heat sealing film into a single mold, after the cotton swab enters the single mold, the heater will seals the top and the bottom film, and the slitting knife completes the single punching and cutting. Full automatic package including the sizing, smashing, shaping, baking.

With a peristaltic pump for glue system to ensure even glueing .

Closed air drying system with automatic hot air circulation function controls the dryness of cotton swab at 6%.

Single cotton swabs can be cut into 10 or 50 rows, or even 5 rows.

Cotton swab mold with automatic positioning function, no need to adjust.

The total power of the equipment is 12 kilowatts and the actual power consumption is 10 kilowatts.

Mold self-pressing makes good appearance of cotton swabs, avoid the empty cotton swabs.

The speed counting and track automatically, no need to adjust.





Capacity 300-500pcs/min,  watt: 8kw, volt: 380V, weight: 1800KG


Component list

 wein view touchable screw 

PLC JP Mitsubishi PLC  

 DELTA frequency   


Shanghai electromotor 

Medium pressure centrifugal blower   

Peristaltic glue pump 

solenoid valve 

Spare part

Air regulating valve,solenoid valve, metallic sensor,heater,brush,glue pump pipe,

 electric heating tube, PE horizontal cutter

Automatic cotton swab making packing machine line

cotton swab packing machine

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