Automatic KF94 N95 Surgical face mask packing machine
Automatic KF94 N95 Surgical face mask packing machine

1.3 Servo  motors ,  PLC controller , flexible bag length setting and cutting , saving time film.
2.Touchable human –machine operation , convenient and quick parameter setting.
3.Self diagnosis failure function , clear failure display.
4.High sensitivity optical electrical color mark tracking and digital input cut position which makes the sealing and cutting more accurate.
5.Separate PID control to temperature , suitable for various packing materials.
6.Stopping the machine in selected position , no , sticking to the knife and no waste packing film.
7.Simple driving system , reliable working , convenient maintenance.
8.All the controls is are achieved by software , convenient for function adjusting and upgrading.
9.Automatic sense material length , automatic packaging products , no product no packaging , don’t need to adjust the bag length.

Optional device:
1.Date coder 2.Automatic punching Device 3.Full Stainless 4.Large Touch Screen 5.Air filling device 6.Release the air 7.No empty bag function 8.Customized sealing patterns and notch

Model SK-350XD
Film width Max. 350mm
Bag length 100~400mm
Bag width 50~160mm
Product height Max. 60mm
Film roll diameter Max. 320mm
Packing speed 10~80bag/min
Powder 220V,50/60Hz,2.8KW
Dimension (L)4020×(W)720×(H)1320mm
Machine weight 550Kg